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When you first start Jitsu, you may wear loose clothing. Once you have been training for a few weeks, you should think about getting a snazzy white training suit, called a gi. These can be bought through the club or from any martial arts shop. If buying from a shop, it is important that you buy a Judo gi, as karate gis are too flimsy for the training we do. Gis are tied with a belt (obi), the colour of which denotes a practitioner's grade. For more information on these, see Here. You will be required to have a gi if you wish to grade.
Instructors (brown belts and above) may also wear black over-trousers, called Hakama. Senior instructors may also wear short or long-sleeved black jackets over their gi top once they have achieved the required instructor grade.
Gis must have a Jitsu Foundation badge on the right shoulder. The colour of the badge varies for senior black belts but for grades below black belt, these badges are white with black writing. These can be obtained from the club and must be sewn onto your gi.

When training, you must remove all jewellery, and must train barefoot. You must also ensure that fingernails and toenails are kept short and long hair is tied back with a hair band.