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Continuing Training
You will find that each session you attend will be slightly different, with a different selection of techniques to try. It may seem that there is a lot to take in, and you don't remember the techniques from one session to the next, but this is quite normal. Nobody is expected to be able to do the techniques perfectly after only seeing them once! There is a core syllabus for each grade, which you will cover over a number of sessions, and it will start to become more natural over time. All of us were novices at some point, even the instructor!
If, after a couple of weeks, you wish to continue training, you will need to pay for your annual license and insurance. This is compulsory for martial arts, and covers you for personal injury. Insurance is arranged through the jitsu foundation and costs 25 for the year (15 for under 18s). You should give this money to sensei Mat, who will make sure it gets sent off and processed.
After a couple more weeks, you may wish to buy a gi, the white martial arts pyjamas that we wear when doing Jiu-Jitsu. You can get a gi from any martial arts shop for around 20-30. These can be bought in a number of different sizes, based on your height. You must make sure that you buy a Judo gi - these are slightly more expensive than karate or tae-kwondo gis, but that is because they are made from a thicker material, that wont get ripped apart by the training. You should also ensure that it is a bleached white gi. Alternatively, you can buy your gi through the club for a cost of 25. Speak to sensei Mat about ordering one of these.
You may find that you cannot attend every session at Archway, and that is fine. We dont expect everyone will be able to train three times a week. You can attend as often as you like and you will still make progress (Obviously, you will progress faster if you attend more regularly).
We usually encourage people to train twice a week, However as with any physical activity the most important thing is to get into a routine - choose two sessions per week that you think you will be able to attend and try and make it to both of those sessions every week. If you miss a session its not the end of the world, but simply having jujitsu in your diary for those particular days means it is much more likely you will stick with it. If other commitments mean you can only commit to a once-a-week training routine then you will still make progress - it is the routine that is important not the number of sessions.
If you miss a session at archway and want to make it up, or if you wish to fit more training in and the session times at Archway arent convenient, then there are plenty of other Jitsu Foundation clubs in London that you can train at as well. The syllabus will be the same and your insurance will be valid. You should be aware though that session fees vary by club. See here for information on other clubs in London.
After a couple of months, you will have seen marked improvement in your techniques, and will be starting to think about grading to yellow belt. Gradings are held regionally every three months - usually in March, June, September and December, and will usually take place on a saturday or sunday. Your instructor will tell you whether you should attempt the grading, and there will be a pre-grading course a couple of weeks before the grading, in which you will meet the other grading candidates and practice everything on the syllabus to ensure you are ready to grade. More information on gradings and progression can be found here.