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FAQs - Training
Do I need great strength or agility to do Jiu-Jitsu?
Unlike other martial arts which rely on strength to deliver powerful blows or agility to perform high spinning kicks, Jiu-Jitsu teaches that good technique is more important and more effective, and also requires much less energy. Training in Jiu-Jitsu will improve your strength, agility and also your fitness, but does not rely on these to make the techniques work.
Will I be the only woman?
Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent form of self defence for women, because it provides techniques that allow a smaller person to overcome a much larger opponent. All sessions are mixed gender, and although we currently have more male members than female, there will usually be a mix of men and women to train with at every session. We are also actively trying to recruit more female members, and we are one of the few jiu-jitsu clubs in london with a female instructor on the coaching team.
Where and when does the club train?
The club trains in the ground floor gym, Furnival building, Archway Campus, 2-10 Highgate Hill, London. For a map, see Here. Current training times are Wednesday Nights from 8pm to 10pm, Friday nights from 7pm to 9pm and Sunday Nights from 6pm to 8pm
How much does it cost?
Your first session is Free. subsequent sessions are 5 per session and you only pay for the sessions you attend. After a two week grace period, you must buy annual insurance if you wish to continue training. The cost of this is 25
What age group does the club cater for?
Most current students are adults. Juniors aged 14 and over are welcome to attend and younger children may attend at the instructors discretion. Parents of younger children should contact the instructor before bringing their child to a session.
Do I need any equipment?
For your first few weeks, no. After a few weeks you may wish to buy a white training suit, called a gi. For more information, see Here.
When is a good time to come to my first session?
Now! All sessions are mixed ability with beginners and advanced students training together for at least some of the session. Because the training is ongoing, there are no particular sessions which novices must attend in order to begin training. You also do not need to book in advance. Rather, you can turn up to any session and take part. Your first session is always Free.
Do I need to attend every session?
No. You can train as often as you like. Because the training is incremental you are able to attend as many or as few sessions as you want and you should still make progress. Obviously though, you will progress faster if you attend regularly. If you are unable to attend a particular session at Archway, then you are welcome to attend training sessions at any of the other Jitsu Foundation clubs in London - your insurance will be valid and the syllabus will be the same.
How many sessions per week should I attend ideally?
Twice a week is a good routine, but it is the routine that is important not the number of sessions. we currently run three sessions per week, and you are welcome to come to any or all of these sessions. We try and encourage people to find a training routine and to stick to it - Choose two sessions that you will be able to make it to most weeks and aim to go every week to those two. If you cant make it to both sessions on a particular week then its no problem, but the fact that it is always in your diary for a particular day will make it much more likely that you will come regularly and progress at a good pace. If other commitments mean you can only manage a once a week routine then you should still make good progress so long as you stick to that routine! remember you can make up any sessions you miss another day or at a different club if necessary.