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FAQs - Progression
What do the belt colours represent?
There are 9 different coloured belts in Jiu-Jitsu, each denoting a level of ability. In order to wear a coloured belt you must pass the grading for that belt. All beginners start as white belts. Brown belts and above are instructors (Sensei). For more information on belt colours and grades, see Here.
How soon can I attempt my first grading?
The first grading you will attempt is the yellow belt grading. Typically, you will need to have been training regularly for at least three months before you can grade. The decision whether or not you can attempt any grading lies with your instructor.
What is involved in the gradings?
Gradings are held regionally every three months. Up to dark blue belt, all grades are examined in the same grading and there can be anything between twenty and a hundred candidates at each grading. The examiner at the grading will be a third dan black belt or higher. You will be required to demonstrate all of the techniques you have been taught. Obviously, the gradings get harder and require more techniques as the belt gets higher. A typical grading can last anything between three hours and six hours, although the lower grades are likely to be dismissed once their grading is over.
How much do gradings and courses cost?
All Jitsu Foundation one-day courses and Gradings cost around 10-15.
Do I need to train harder in the build-up for a grading?
Ideally yes. If you normally train only once a week you should definitely consider attending an extra session per week for the final three or four weeks before the grading. If you normally train twice per week, this should be sufficient if you can stick to a twice a week routine, but a thrid session wouldnt be a bad idea for the last fortnight or so. The club instructors will be able to advise you on how well you are progressing towards a grading and whether additional sessions are necessary.
How long will it take me to get my black belt?
This depends on the individual, however if you were to attempt every grading for which you were eligible and pass, and also complete all course and teaching requirements it is possible to gain your black belt in five years.