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How to Join in Your First Session Continuing Training

How to Join in
Beginners are always welcome at Archway Jiu-Jitsu club. If you are interested in Jiu-Jitsu, then you can Contact us or just turn up and train! If you'd like to watch a session then that will pose no problems at all; but if you're there anyway then you may as well join in and give it a try!
There are no restrictions on who can train at Archway Jiu-Jitsu club, men and women of all ages are welcome. The club is primarily an adults club but older teenagers (14+) are welcome at any session and all teenagers (12+) are welcome at the sunday sessions. (All under 18s will need parental consent). The only other requirement is that you are in good general health. (lack of fitness is not an issue, however!)
There are no particular sessions which beginners must attend - You can begin at any of the regular sessions - Whenever is convenient for you. Beginners are starting all the time, and there is sure to be a group of novices at almost every session. You dont need to book in advance, you can just turn up.
If you enjoy your first session and you want to come back, you will be welcome to attend any or all of our sessions. We have three per week and you will be able to train at whichever ones you like. It is important to get into a training routine if you can - choose the weekly sessions that you think you will be able to attend and try and make it to all of those every week. We normally recommend a twice-a-week training routine, however if other commitments mean you can only commit to a once-a-week routine then you will still make good progress - it is the routine that is important not the number of sessions.
Session Fees
Your first session is Free. Subsequent sessions are 5 each for adults, 3 for under-18s. Session fees are payable after each session.
Once you have joined the club, it is also possible to pay for sessions in advance in blocks of ten sessions by purchasing a session card from one of the instructors. These cards can be used in lieu of cash payments, and are valid for any ten sessions. Cards cost 45 for adults or 27 for under-18s. i.e. ten sessions for the price of nine.
Please use the options above to find out more about joining in!