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Student Profiles
Name: Joe Thomson
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Grade: Light Blue
Favourite Technique: Tai Otoshi
Started Jiu-Jitsu: March 06
"I did karate when I was younger and I quickly got bored of it because it was mainly standing in a line repeating a set chain of moves, with no one-on-one practice. I liked the idea of learning a martial art to be able to defend myself and to keep fit, and after trying a few, found that Jiu-Jitsu was the most fun and also most practical."
Name: Tim Guthrie
Age: 42
Occupation: NVQ Assessor/Trainer
Grade: Light Blue
Favourite Technique: Can't choose - Like 'em all!
Started Jiu-Jitsu: March 05
"I have always wanted to do a martial art, but could never commit the time needed before. But now i am able to I had a look around at the various types. Archway was very near to where i live, so I gave it a go, liked it a lot and it has just progressed from there."
Name: Kristiana Hembling
Age: 29
Occupation: Company Director, also work part time as a door supervisor
Grade: Purple
Favourite Technique: Tai Otoshi
Started Jiu-Jitsu: January 06
"I wanted to get fit and learn new martial art skills. I found Jiu-Jitsu to be the most practical, effective and enjoyable. Also it was not as commited a payment scheme as other martial arts."
Name: Rory Behrman
Age: 28
Occupation: Media Planner
Grade: Dark Blue
Favourite Technique: Ude Garuma
Started Jiu-Jitsu: March 05
"I wanted to be really good at something... I have been intereseted in martial arts for a long time and had tried a few before (Wing Chun and Krav Maga).  I figured I already knew how to punch and kick and was really interested in learning how to control movement through throws and locks.  I also very much like knowing that to get my black belt will take 5+ years and be a great challenge to face"
Name: Sufi Faraaz Husain
Age: 23
Occupation: Management trainee
Grade: Purple
Favourite Technique: Harai Goshi
Started Jiu-Jitsu: October 05
"I started in the York Uni club to give myself an edge when battling my housemates for the remote control. I decided to carry on my training at Archway because they seemed to have the most fun on their socials."
Name: Yohei Morimoto
Age: 33
Occupation: Cameraman
Grade: Green
Favourite Technique: Hadaka Jime
Started Jiu-Jitsu: September 05
"I started Jiu-Jitsu because I was curious and interested in Japanese culture"