The Things At Home We Clean Too Often

Yes, the order and cleanliness of the home are essential. Not only because of the guests but also our personal mental and physical health. And because of the discipline and the feeling of comfort. However, there are some places and things in the home that we go a little overboard. See which items don’t need as much care.

Kitchen cabinets

It is not good for them to have a lot of moisture, and their cleanliness is very easy to maintain just by wiping with a microfibre cloth or, at most, with a sponge and water. Once a month is enough, and after the sponge and water (and maybe a few drops of detergent), dry well.


With them, a maximum of two times a year would be enough. Otherwise, cuts and scratches will appear on them, and most window cleaners are harmful to the lungs. If they are very, very dirty, use a more powerful detergent.


Frequent washing of pillows will make them lumpy and thin their tissues. It is best to wash them for at least six months and let the pillows air out the rest of the time.


Summer is when we wear our swimsuits, but washing them is more urgent than we think. The washing machine can stretch them irreversibly and give them a rather naughty look. Wash the swimsuit with cold water, and even soak it for about half an hour. It can be washed every 2-3 uses gently by hand with a bit of detergent.


That makes many people think: How often do you wash your jeans? The truth is that they do not need so regular washing. Experts say we can wash our jeans as soon as they smell, no matter how nasty they may sound. Frequent washing thins the denim, which causes wear, bleaching and subsequent tearing.

You cannot avoid household cleaning, so let’s do it more efficiently

Performing cleaning tasks requires a good dose of effective cleaning materials and hard work.
If there is a thankless job, it is undoubtedly cleaning at home. However, this is housework that, whether we like it or not, must be done to live on a certain standard of cleanliness, which most of us do. Fortunately, we no longer have to rely on a lot of rubbing because products on the market make the task as easy as possible.

The more important things

A small step towards improving the appearance and health of your home is to indulge in the routine of cleaning and maintaining your carpets.

Choosing a carpet cleaning method can be confusing. Every retailer or carpet cleaner may have a different recommendation on the best available carpet cleaning method.

There are several types of cleaning processes using modern equipment. They are the ones that are recognised more often by leading carpet manufacturers and specialised carpet cleaning companies.

The low moisture extraction process

This method is sometimes also called steam cleaning. , the cleaning solution is mixed with hot water and used as a fine spray in this method. That releases the dirt due to the heat and spraying of the solution, drawn out by powerful vacuums. The next step is drying, which can take about a few to twelve hours, depending on the carpet fibre and the cleaning equipment used.

Steam extraction method

If the carpets are heavily soiled or subject to the whims of children and pets at home, the most preferred method is the steam extraction method. In this method, high-pressure steam cleaning machines inject steam jets mixed with the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres. Then the carpets begin to separate dirt from the fibres; on the other hand, a strong vacuum immediately removes all the dirt and moisture. This type of cleaning also eliminates odours and even kills bacteria and dust mites.

Foam extraction technique

Foam extraction is a popular carpet cleaning process widely known as carpet shampoo. Here, a foam-based detergent is applied to the carpets and rubbed into them with a motor brush. That frees the soil from the carpet fibres. After the carpet and foam are completely dry, the remains and dirt are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner from the carpets.

Cover cleaning procedure

Cleaning the top is a wet process. The cleaning solution is mixed with carbonated water and applied in this method. Afterwards, a rotating machine or a cover for spraying the detergent is activated. An absorbent pad is then used to remove stains and dirt. The dirty absorbent pad is replaced repeatedly with a clean one until no more dirt is visible on the pad.

Many professionals in the industry adopt these carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques. So to achieve proper, deep cleaning, choose a company that uses some of the best cleaning techniques.

Did you know?

The carpet cleaning method should be based on the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. If you do not use the carpet manufacturer’s recommended method, they may void the carpet warranty. When choosing a carpet cleaning method, review the warranty information before hiring a carpet cleaner.

Whether you clean it yourself or hire someone, it helps you understand the standard carpet cleaning methods. Despite all the terminology, they fall into two main approaches: dry carpet cleaning and wet cleaning.